In an effort to live in an environment that consists of “less of me and my stuff and more of Christ and His kingdom” (Jen Hatmaker) I am currently getting rid of many items by selling or donating them.


Yesterday I decided to take on the clothes in my closet (and dresser and various piles . . .). Prior to beginning I counted each piece and I had 118 items of clothing which consisted of shirts, skirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, shorts and capris. I went through each item and for once I didn’t allow myself to justify keeping items that were questionable; like that pair of pants that I hope to fit into one day or that dress that I’ve only worn once but you never know when I will want to wear it again . . . I also had a couple of items that still had the tags on -and they weren’t recent purchases either.

Just some of the clothes I went through:

After going through each item I ended up with 43 pieces to give away (and one pair of pants that I threw in the garbage), that brings me down to 74 articles of clothing. I have to say, it feels good to have gone through all my clothes and now I have less options on what to wear (which is good for someone like me who tends to be indecisive).

I was even able to find a place to bring the clothes to -I am donating them to the YWCA Crisis Shelter. I got this off of their website:

Last year we housed 951 women, children and youth at risk. Unfortunately we turned away as many as we housed. There is a desperate need for emergency shelter beds in our community at present. The gap between the rich and poor continues to grow. Many of our clients are the working poor trying to support their families. The lack of emergency shelter beds in our community and rising costs of rent makes escaping the cycle of poverty a challenge.

In addition to purging clothes I went through my accessories (clips, necklaces, scarves & purses) and found a few of them to sell and a couple to give away.

When I walked into my closet yesterday there was a noticeable difference -there is much less stuff, which results in a much cleaner closet.

I mentioned yesterday that cleaning out the closet wouldn’t be that hard for me since clothes aren’t really my thing, but next up on my list to purge is books. I think I am going to have a much harder time with this one.

Once again, I invite you to join me on this journey of less of me and my stuff and more of Christ and His kingdom.

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