life stealer or life giver?

I was reading a post on the influence blog this morning titled “strategy” and in the post Hayley mentions the idea of life stealers and life givers.

Obviously we want to have more life givers in our life and minimize the life stealers. While reading the post I started to write two lists, one of the life stealers in my life and another of the life givers.

Thankfully the life giver list was much longer and includes things such as: reading a good book, crafting, a beautiful sunrise, conversations about the future with Jared, getting rid of clutter, spending time with family, travel, working with underprivileged kids . . . ok, you get the idea, I’ll stop there.

Then I started to think about how people in our lives can also be life givers or life stealers and more importantly: am I a life giver or a life stealer? I say more importantly not because I think I am more important but because I have control over myself. If I see myself as a life stealer, I am the only person that can make the change into a life giver.

What does a life giver look like? A life giver . . .

  • is someone you want to be around
  • is an encourager
  • shares about their own life instead of gossiping about the lives of others
  • listens
  • sticks by you (Proverbs 18:24)
  • challenges you to live a life worthy of your calling (just like Paul in Ephesians 4)
  • dreams with you
  • motivates you by the way they live
  • one who whispers the gospel over me and my life every day (thanks Natalie!)

So, are you a life stealer or a life giver? And if you are a life stealer, are you ready to make 2013 the year you become a life giver? I know I am! If you are joining me let me know!

Does anyone else have any characteristics of a life giver they would like to add? If you leave some in the comments I’ll add them to the list!

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