I’m stoked to have Beth from Oak & Oats sharing with us today, especially about this ebook since I’m loving all things ebooks these days! I’ve loved Beth and her blog since the moment I came across it a few months ago. I always enjoy linking up with her week’s end posts, reading about her blogging tips, and drooling over her gorgeous stitch fix boxes.
hello! my name is elizabeth and i blog over at Oak + Oats. i am so honored that Chantel would have me take over the blog today!
i just bought a google nexus 7 (it is a big deal people) and  i have been loving playing with it when i get home from work because it is just so cool. one of the things i have been doing a lot is reading! my most recent (and my most favorite) read was Jacey Verdicchio’s new book “Escaping Reaction, Embracing Intention“
tend to think i can do it all, or at least, that i should do it all. i work full time at a local non-profit as well as blog part time, try cook dinner every night, keep the house clean, do laundry, have great conversations and dates with my husband, attend our community group faithfully, spend time investing in friendships with the ladies in my life, meet with our marriage mentors, spend time with family who lives in town, learn new things, and pretty much do it all.
i want to be the good wife, the great blogger, the perfect employee, a wonderful friend, and the most balanced person ever. i try to be intentional about that but it only leaves me overwhelmed and scrolling through pinterest instead of starting dinner or finishing that post.

” so often the urgent sucks our attention dry, while the essentials go undone.” – Jacey Verdicchio

reading Jacey’s book was a reality check! one quiet Saturday morning, my eyes were opened to my giant to-do list plagued by the “most urgent.” i was able to take a step back, really look at my life, and start mapping out what is most important. even my cellphone is rejoicing as i finally figured out that i don’t need to get a notification every time someone likes my picture on instagram!

i recommend this book without reservation for all you hard working ladies out there that are tied with guilt to your to-do list! it is a quick, engaging, encouraging read that blessed my life abundantly! it is not guilt based at all, in fact, it is so honest and authentic you cannot help but feel you are sitting down with Jacey over a hot cup of coffee! it also comes with 6 worksheets to help you distinguish what is important and sort out what should take priority!
i think this is a book everyone should read – i mean, each one of us has so many responsibilities and i know that i am not the only one who goes to bed dwelling on all the things i “didn’t get done.” the book is only $8 but for Oak + Oats readers, Jacey has graciously offered a coupon code for $2 off!! – use code: oakandoats . at only $6 this book is a steal! if you grab one, let me know! i would love to chat with you about it!!
be encouraged & take hold of what you value most
do you have any ebooks you recommend?
don’t be shy, please say hello! i would love to get to know you better!

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