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I’ve been finding that making and sharing weekly and monthly goals here has really increased how much I think about my goals and therefore how successful I am. Even though I may not always complete all my goals, I know I am getting more done than if I didn’t make any.


* make and photograph two recipes – made and photographed two and already shared one, the other will come later in the month.
* go for two jogs – I only managed to get one in but I did go for a couple of bike rides (one against some pretty strong wind) so I’m happy that I was at least intentionally active.
* paint a couple of signs – yes! we have some extra wood in our garage that I wanted to make into signs, I’ve done a few so far, you can see one here (sold that one already) and made a few more one you can view here.
* try a new craft – no! Some other stuff came up that will probably end up bumping most of my crafting to the back burner for awhile, maybe I’ll get a chance to try the stuff that I wanted to do closer to winter (not that I want to say the W word yet).
* record more of Raeca’s funny lines – mhmm, there is definitely going to be a second part to that series.


* make a point of biking and/or running at least 4 days this week – when I bike I’m usually pulling a 10 pound bike trailer with a 30 pound girl plus another 10 pounds of library books so it’s a bit more of a workout than it sounds!
* finish up my wood signs – and hopefully sell them all too
* be a rockstar DVBS leader – I’m leading the third and fourth grades for this week’s DVBS at our church
* try one or two green cleaning recipes – I got this book out from the library and she has so many different recipes that she shares
* finalize our house sale – we should know this week if it’s all going through, whoop!
Okay, link up time! Hosting today’s link up is Amy from Lovely Does It! I love all the recipes that Amy shares, especially since they are gluten free! Her and her husband, Adam, currently live up in Alaska and do lots of outdoorsy stuff which usually involves some camping and s’mores eating and I love seeing her photos from their adventures.

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