This link up is a place where we as bloggers can find new blogs to read,
to be able to give encouragement to others
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* make a point of biking and/or running at least 4 days this week – I sure did! I know it’s not much to some people but I’m proud to say I got a total of 22.5 km in this week (mostly biking), it may be peanuts to many of you but for a girl who does virtually no exercising it’s a lot!
* finish up my wood signs – I just have one more left to make (this one is my favorite so far) and then I need to try to sell them
* be a rockstar DVBS leader – not sure I was really a rockstar but the week went so well, we had a lot of kids come out and I had fun
* try one or two green cleaning recipes – yes! I can’t wait to share some recipes on here soon!
* finalize our house sale – our house is sold! wahoo! we’ve got to be out in a few weeks and currently don’t have a place to live in until our house is built, we’ll figure something out though, I’m not worried about it


* run (ha, okay, very slowly jog) at least 3km over the course of the week – my 5K run is coming up soon-ish and I’m nowhere near ready for it
* work on lining up a place to live for 6-8 weeks
* invite someone over for a meal
* do something fun on Jared’s day off 
– I have no idea what yet
* finish reading two of my library books – hopefully this one (it’s so good, so where I am at right now, thank you Katie for recommending it) and one other one from my library stack
* skip night lunch 2 nights this week – ah, this is a habit I got into after we got married, I never used to eat night lunch but Jared has always done so and a few years into our marriage I broke down and joined him, now it’s something I’d like to stop and save for special times instead of needing it every night

I’ve got sweet Robyn from Robyn’s Nest co-hosting the link up this week. Her and her husband are doing the funnest dates this year, monthly dates where they “travel” the world, she’s called it Passport to Fun, I love this idea since travelling is so important to me but travelling the world isn’t exactly in the budget right now (as I know it isn’t for a lot of you), this is a fun way to learn about different countries without leaving your area, you definitely need to check it out. Also, she recently saved a turtle from the side of the road, so that shows you just how sweet she is! And she ran her first 5K a while ago which I find so inspiring, I’ve really got to get training for mine! If you haven’t already, head on over and say hi to Robyn!

I send out an email each Tuesday morning to remind people that the link up is live (except last week where I totally forgot, sorry guys), if you are one of those that tends to forget about link ups just send me an email and I’ll add you to that list.

If you are interested in co-hosting the link up in the future you can do so here.


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