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Hey friends, I hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!


* run (ha, okay, very slowly jog) at least 3km over the course of the week – yes!
* work on lining up a place to live for 6-8 weeks – yes again!
* invite someone over for a meal – no  I think this will probably be postponed for awhile thanks to the move
* do something fun on Jared’s day off 
– well, we ended up doing a bunch of house stuff, not really what I had in mind but it was something!
* finish reading two of my library books – finished this one like I wanted, love, love, loved! As soon as I was done I wanted to read it through again, it’s going on my Christmas list. I didn’t finish any other ones but started about four more!
* skip night lunch 2 nights this week – I had no idea the comments this one would all stir up! If you don’t know what night lunch is you can read about it here, and yes, I was able to do it!


* improve my time time on my little jogging route and/or run farther – pretty much self explanatory. I’ve mentioned so many times, but I’m not good at running (though I was a decent sprinter in high school), my mom who had surgery on her foot before Christmas was just recently given the okay to start running again and is already running 5K at a time. Of all the genes I got from her, why did I not get the running one?!
* start a weekly instasale – I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but wasn’t sure how to go about it, but if you follow me on Instagram starting tonight I will be doing very little instasales weekly on Tuesday evenings. I have some scarves like the one Raeca is modelling above (they fit kids with a triple loop or adults with a double loop), I’ve also got some fuller adult scarves and a bunch of jewelry. I’ve decided to run the sales on my own Instagram account (instead of setting up a separate one), so I will only be posting 2-3 photos a week so I don’t annoy all my followers. If you aren’t already following me you can do so here.
* get ahead on my blogging – we have some camping coming up and I want to start writing a few posts up so I can have them scheduled for when we are away
* figure out our mailing situation – I’ve got to find out where I need to redirect our mail to once we move and start updating our mailing address on a bunch of stuff

I’ve got Sarah from Joyfully Organized hosting the link up this week! Sarah is a virtual assistant, which I sounds like a pretty fun job.  I enjoyed her creative list of bridal shower gift ideas, I feel like I usually struggle in that area (actually, it’s not really a struggle, I just always buy gift cards, which I know many people think is a cop out). I love her take on community and how she is trying to open her home up to others since it is something I am learning right now as well.
Be sure to stop by and say hi to Sarah!

I send out an email each Tuesday morning to remind people that the link up is live (except last week where I totally forgot, sorry guys), if you are one of those that tends to forget about link ups just send me an email and I’ll add you to that list.

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