After a year of feeling a lack of a vision and as though God had taken my passion for the orphan away, this month it feels like it’s slowly coming back. Adoption and orphan care in general has really been on my heart for the past few weeks, after pretty much a year of a hiatus.

There are a few reasons adoption has been at the front of my brain more than normal recently:


November is National Adoption Month and I can’t help but see mention of it everywhere on social media since I follow so many people who have adoption as part of their story.


As I’ve been mentioning here (and on social media) all. month. long. this month marks Ephraim being in our family for one year! Still crazy to believe, it feels like he’s always been here.


Also, inspiring local friend of mine started an Instagram community a few years ago through the hashtag #knittogetherforadoption which has grown tremendously and every November they do daily prompts for those in the adoption world to join in with. I’ve never been good about joining in more than a few days a year but it’s always inspiring to go through and get to know some of the journey’s others have been on. If you or someone you know has adoption as a part of their story you (and they) should definitely check it out.


Oh yeah, and another huge reason: my friend Marie, who has inspired me for years, you may remember I photographed their third adoption homecoming 2.5 years ago, I was just looking back on that post and the last thing I wrote was: “Marie, if God asks you to do it again, I’ll be waiting at the airport, camera in hand.” Well, they are doing it a fourth time and I get to photograph them coming through the airport doors this week! I’m already getting teary just thinking about it (hopefully I’m not too big of a mess when I’m supposed to be taking pictures).


I just came across the Around the World with the Archibald Project Podcast, if you haven’t heard of The Archibald Project in their own words: The Archibald Project is an orphan care advocacy organization. We use media to tell stories. These stories advocate for orphans, educate on orphan care, build community and inspire people into action. Because of our stories fewer people are called orphans. I’ve been following the Archibald Project for years and loved their mission right from the beginning, I can get lost in their photos, videos and now their podcast. They have interviewed a variety of different people and often give some practical ways the average person can help with orphan care in some capacity.

So yeah, adoption, adoption, adoption.

To be honest, I think after we got back from South Africa last year I was a bit burnt out on adoption. Yes, we had just successfully complete ours and were obviously living it, but after the years of adoption ups and downs I was just ready to be done thinking about it for a bit. In some ways it was almost as though my heart was hardended to it, hmm, that’s probably not the right way to put it, but after years of watching every single adoption video and listening to every story I could find I purposefully went out of my way to avoid them, admittedly I even unfollowed some of my friends on Instagram who were heavily posting about adoption because I just needed a break. The few orphan care videos, blog posts and Instagram posts I did happen to see pretty much did nothing, they didn’t move me like they had for the 15 years prior. It was difficult to have such a desire taken away. In some ways it felt as though I had lost part of my identity.

Last week Raeca and I watched an adoption video on YouTube and by the end we were both teary – and it was a happy video and no one in it was even crying (except us). It really felt like God had returned my passion for the orphan back to me.

I feel like this post sounds like it’s coming around to some kind of announcement of us saying we are adopting again, it’s not that kind of post, trust me. But I do feel as though I’m ready to start advocating for the orphan again, I’m not exactly sure how that will look here but I just wanted to explain a little as to why I didn’t talk about adoption here much for the past year, besides some updates on Ephraim, and why my posts here and on social media may be swinging back around to sharing the knowledge and resources I have on orphan care.

I started this blog three years ago to advocate for the orphan and now with this passion returning it feels good, like I’m coming home.

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