Blog sponsorships are a great way to introduce your blog to a variety of readers that may not already be frequently visiting your site. I like to blog about our adoption, family life, photography, how God is working in my life and my desire to travel the world. If you think your blog would be a good fit for sponsorships, read on!

stats as of 4.1 5.1:
page views last month: 4,477 4,869
bloglovin’: 255 266
instagram: 563 594
twitter: 535 546
pinterest: 985 1,020

Each sponsor spot has their own unique benefits. I hope to get to know each sponsor better throughout the time they are on my blog and I make it my goal to visit your blog a least a few times during the course of the month to get to know you and leave you some sweet comments. Here is a breakdown of some of the other things that are included:

group giveaway – each month I will be giving away a product that I love and depending which spot you pick you will be able to have a link (or links) included in the giveaway, this is included with your sponsorship purchase (so you don’t have to pay more for links). It’s a great chance to reach new people and increase your followers.

guest post – if you want to share a guest post on a topic that would be fitting for my blog I would love it! We can discuss possible topic options if you would like.

sponsor spotlight – you will have a chance to have a blurb about your blog, your favorite posts and some social media links at the bottom of one of my posts during the month.

social media shout outs – my plan is to tweet (or pin) at least one of your blog posts a month, the more time I have and the more I love your blog, the more I will share. I also ask that if you have specific posts you want tweeted to let me know.

review + giveaway – if you have a shop with a product you would like to promote I would love to help you in this way! Because I want to promote products that I have tried before I just ask that you send one product to me and I’ll review it and do a giveaway in the same post. This space will also include social media shout outs.

Use the code: WelcomeHere for 10% off of any of my advertising packages.

I reserve the right to terminate any ads if I find the sponsor to be doing business in an unethical manner or if I feel the blog is not a good fit for mine.